Suraksha means  “The Ultimate Care” a word from Sanskrit, an ancient language of India. The meaning of Suraksha is not just our tag line, it is our mission. Suraksha is supporting innovation for sustainability and environmental protection. We thrive to attain sustainability following UN SDGs, race to net zero emission, and cleaning the mess of pollution, the paramount need of the day. We are an unique, impactful, and volunteer run organization with selfless experts. Through innovation for sustainability and environmental protection, we are determined to nurture one million ecopreneurs for our better future. We have announced our commitment to Ocean Conference, supporting the UN SDGs.

Our main focus is on supporting sustainable innovation, to address the current global problems that are leading up to climate change due to pollution. A few solutions are like leveraging ecofriendly renewable sources for healthcare products, bioplastics, biofertilizers, organic enzymes for remediation of oil spills in the oceans, lakes and rejuvenation of coral reefs and mangroves. We are looking at the opportunities to supporting innovation keeping the affordability in mind. Suraksha is also aiming to work at the community level for alleviating poverty, affordable education and workforce development. We believe this approach would have long lasting social impact.



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