There wouldn’t be a day go by without the news on global warming, pollution and, the climate crisis.  Science and many experts are proving that this is a man-made problem.

To address this problem, Suraksha would like to bring more awareness to the individuals, communities, and companies about environmental protection and, pollution prevention. We are also working on research and technology commercialization pilot project ideas from renewable resources. View the video on the mission of  Suraksha.



Suraksha is run by volunteers, a team of international experts including the youngest child ever spelling bee contestant Akash Vukoti. Please find Akash’s reason for supporting Suraksha in his own words.

We are collecting donations to bear the expenses for conducting training programs and events. Individuals and companies could generously support us with donations.  We will be using your kind donations for the following:

Hosting networking events.
Conducting mini-hackathons to solve problems identifying the root cause to save the planet.
Training for developing innovative ideas, products and, services.
Screening of movies bringing awareness on environmental protection.
Hosting national and, international events.
Materials for campaigns and programs.
Applying for permits required by law.

With these initial action items, we could bring more awareness on the environmental protection to the individuals, communities, and companies on the ways to safeguard ourselves, kids, future generations and other species on the planet. 

Perks: Donors would get a discount on our events/training programs. More benefits in planning for those who could donate over $100. We will update you at regular intervals on how your contribution is helping us.