Suraksha offers world-class tools to companies to meet their ESG and net-zero targets. We partnered with Updapt, an ESG Tech Co., to offer support to companies on sustainability journeys and ESG reporting meeting several international standards. Updapt CSR is a SaaS for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). Our digital solutions enable businesses to enhance ESG performances with data insights and benchmarking, having accomplished engagements with key stakeholders like investors, rating agencies, lenders, regulators, boards, customers, and important supply chain partners.

Updapt also offers great support to SMEs through six major steps in transforming into low-carbon-emitting businesses, continuing the major contributions to the economic strength of the countries.


Updapt supports your company’s commitment to ESG on the following:


Data management

Collection of data, consolidation, and management of data. 



Automated data reporting with one click.


Deep insights for quick analysis.


Net zero

Measuring, reduction, offset, and reporting of emissions.


Check out who is using Updapt ESG already: here.

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In the meanwhile for more information, demo, and pricing, please email: updaptesg@suraksha.us