Green buildings

Suraksha offers green and sustainable building services for architecture and engineering. Through our services, we are committed to safeguarding investments, the environment,  good health, and happiness. We have partnered with McMac CX. Together we would like help to maximize the values for the following:

The natural, human, and financial capital value of the built environment ecosystem assets through the deployment of proven sustainable best practice designs, technologies, and policies. Our aim is to build better buildings, businesses, schools, and communities.

We use Impact Advocacy Tech™ (IAT) for immediate, long-term, behavioral, and policy changes. This approach would enable us to do Planet People, Profit, P3I Impact Analysis.  Please find more information here: P3I  Platform



Architects, developers, municipalities, schools, commercial building owners, management, and tenants.



Streamline the decision-making process, reducing the time and cost needed to evaluate the best financial, social, and environmental blend of project cost benefits for all stakeholders.

Site Design (Site Material Types, Natural Areas, Nature Access, Soil Permeability, Rainwater Retention Capability, Biodiversity, Carbon capture, etc.).


General impact

Value of removing Community Burden attributable to Air and Water pollution and Greenhouse Gases (GHG).

Beneficial Value of Decreasing Heat Island Effect.

Recreational Value.

Educational Value.


Impact on neighborhood real estate values.

Building design (energy and water efficiency, green roofs, on-site photovoltaics, wind renewables, Views, daylighting, indoor air quality, comfort, maintenance costs, Lighting, HVAC Controllability, ongoing Performance Verification, etc.) impact on Air / Water Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Burden Reduction from the local Community. 


Matching Green Incentives / Lending Opportunities to Project Alternatives

Document due diligence in compliance with AIA Ethics.

Mandatory disclosure to Clients of Project Environmental Impacts, (Compliance / Risk Abatement).

Demonstrate the Health and Prosperity dollar benefits

Building Owners, Occupants, and Businesses will receive improved design

Record 2030 Commitment Compliance.

Carbon Costing and Benchmarking,

Supply meaningful data, analysis, and reporting on the Architect’s / Designer’s commitments to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Goals.

Whole Building Commissioning Services (Envelope, MEP, LEED, 2015/2018 IECC, etc.).


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