Prasad Jaladi
Chief Facilitator
Steve Pearson
Strategy Direction
Gopal Guthikonda
Strategic Support
Mahmood Sabahi
Sustainable Chem. Engineering
Dr. P.S. Prasad
Healthcare Innovation
Marco Pesce
Circular Economy & Training
Akash Vukoti
Ambassador PlanetBee



International Board of Advisors


Marc Nathan
Vice President and Strategy, Eagan Nelson LLP & Mentor
Richard Hassnoot
Founder and Head Coach Innovate2Grow
Mark Sanders, Ph. D., MBA.
Director and Mentor, Austin Technology Incubator, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN
Schonna Manning, Ph. D.
Research Assistant Professor, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN
Evan Beach, Ph. D.
Former Program Manager, Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale
Mikael Kubista
Genetics Expert
Ravi Rao
Investor, Mentor and ExO Champion
Steve Roosa
Operations and Business Consultant
Rao Maddukuri
Founder & Managing Partner DataMobix
Onkar Nath Tiwari, Ph. D.
Senior Scientist, Indian Agriculture Research Institute
Subbarao Aynampudi
Founder & President, Indian Innovators Association
S.V. Eswaran, Ph. D.
Life Sciences Innovation
Ashok Muni
Environmental Protection, India


We are looking for individuals to join our team and volunteers who can walk the talk. 

Interested to join the team to spread the word and work on the common good projects?