Learn to innovate for sustainability and environmental protection safeguarding the future generations and other species on the planet earth.

Let’s use wisdom for a new and responsible global citizenship. We are fortunate to enjoy the nature, environment, and minerals that our planet earth offered to us. We should realize that our next generations have a rightful share too.  To fulfill our responsibility, let’s focus on keeping the world environmentally safe and sustainable for our future generations. We are launching training programs and workshops soon. So, stay tuned.

March 13th, 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm at JW Marriot, Austin, TX.

This event is  a mentoring session during SXSW 2020, Austin, TX. Badge purchase is a must to attend.

Innovation for Sustainable Planet


Life Cycle Analysis for Sustainable Innovation – Dates and venue TBD.

For information on our traininig programs email to training@suraksha.us