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SustainOnline is a micro-learning  platform for SMEs to train the employees on sustainability. It costs less than a cup of coffee in a month per employee. Individuals, students, schools, Universities and Government organisations could also use my SustainOnline. Through my SustainOnline we are offering 80 + easy to learn online courses in 15+ languages. We are saving 90% time with a better approach than classroom or other online training methods. More courses would be added in the near future. The  dashboard has features to track the self, and team members learning progress. A certificate could be printed after the successful completion of the courses. 

Why sustainability is important?
  • Safeguarding the environment, future generations, and biodiversity.
  • Increase in profits.
  • Improved brand image.
  • Investment support opportunities.
  • Supply chain strategies.
  • Mitigating the risks.
  • Spearheading the Innovation.
  • Increasing efficiency.
  • Lowering operational costs.
  • Empowering employees for the achievement of sustainability.
  • Employee satisfaction and retention.

Example courses

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Subscription Fee

Quarterly plan:  $12 for 3 months per user.

Yearly plan: $18 for year per user.


Quarterly plan:  600.00 Rupees for 3 months per user.

Yearly plan: 900.00 Rupees for year per user.

Other currencies:

As above per their respective currency.


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