We & COVID-19

Suraksha is addressing the COVID-19 situation very cautiously. We believe the notion “Health is Wealth”. Health is the most important and sustainability focal point to achieve anything in life.

Suraksha team has international experience in basic science research, biotech, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and technology commercialization. We are working with our international partners to help the world to overcome the challenges thrown by COVID-19.


We are offering our support with the following:

Free introductory course on Pandemic Preparedness and Response.

We are helping organizations to incorporate sustainable ideas being a responsible global, local players dealing with the challenges in the current situation.


Developing kits to screen for COVID-19.

We have partnered with two international companies to offering support in filing the EUA to FDA for the screening of COVID-19 patients using RT-qPCR.


Development of a synthetic vaccine to treat COVID-19, re-purposing the known anti-viral drugs.

We have started proposing our idea and building international partnerships to conduct R&D, Synthesis, and manufacturing with speed per the urgency.


For information or interested to join hands, please email us at info@suraksha.us